Our Team

EazyOnair is a start-up founded by 4 co-founders Engineers issued from telecom market as an operator.
Combining experience's management of companies, creation of new concepts and new economic models and with several launches of new concepts as well as the 1st fiber telecom operator in France.

The team was created around his transverse vision of the interoperability of mobile technologies, NFC, web and new uses cases. Such experienced team with more than 25 years in the NTIC market, anticipated early market usage change, their evolutions to new markets that more and more integrated requiring complementary skills allies with their expertise of complex technologies today in order to launch Aerospace structural services platform EazyOnair.

Within 3 years and a setup of a technical working group for technical specifications with two majors actors in the business, such as Airbus and Ratp.

Eazyonair, platform dedicated to the aerospace market is positioned as a business enabler for the Airframes manufacturers, airlines, systems integrators, media software provider and start up's to enable easy access to their market application as an Agnostic player.

Khamphuc Daulasim
  • Khamphuc Daulasim
  • PhD electronics , has 25 years of experience in Telecom and Electronic.
    After 5 years in TRT–Philips he became the head of the research center for broadband modem, then he move to the states to manage the research dept of Lucent technologies for the development of the Wireless Lan department.
    Kampuc was partner in Telcos start-ups.

Jean-Marc Perrichon
  • J-M Perrichon
  • graduate with a master of information technology.
    Jean Marc has held the positions of software development project manager, IT consultant and European IT manager. Actually he is Project manager in software development using RFID systems for international software editors and professor for an IT school (Master's level).

Jean Robberecht
  • Jean Robberecht
  • had 8 years experience in the mainframes technologies as a consultant, analyst, project manager and systems engineer.
    After he joined Apple Computer France. He became Marketing Manager Europe in 1995.He was the co-founder and the general manager of Numads Technologies, publisher of mobile applications (Vèlib', Fashiontv, …) and he is today the general Manager of Ipress , Digital Interactif publisher or magazine for Ipad and Android.
Sammy Abbou
  • Sammy Abbou
  • Graduate from Essec in Marketing and by the American Management association.
    He proved, during the last 25 years his capacity in leading and developing new business in the NTIC world as well as the manager of the First Fiber Isp in France during 5 years.